Hot news: “ Dear beloved friends,
Sometime ago we had that idea of recording a demo for a new album. So we decided to put 3.5 mics here and there in our rehearsal room, (the 0.5 mic being actually a kid’s toy/microphone... I mean it’s REALLY a toy, but it seems to work fine and that kid never complained so.. anyway...) we did that quickly, and by the end of the process, we found ourselves quite surprised by the result, I mean, in a positive way (if that can be said for that kind of music) So we thought it was good enough to release it as is. We made no overdubs, no overproduction or such thing and we think that’s the way it should be for this time. So here it is, for you, as a starter, the Nasty, Heavy and Rotten to the core: “FUCK” Enjoy. Yours
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Yellow acid rain
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